Will LaBreche
CEO & Principal
Software Engineering/Applied AI

Will LaBreche is a Minneapolis-based AI and software engineer. Since founding Creekbed Digital in 2008, he has worked with over 70 satisfied clients building literally hundreds of projects and machine learning applications that have generated and/or saved over $1 billion in combined revenue.

LaBreche holds a bachelor's from the University of Wisconsin and performed his graduate work at the University of Nebraska, where he focused on quantitative data analytics. He specializes in building recommendation engines, data harvesting, and process-centric automation solutions. He started Creekbed in 2008 where, in the early days, he was focused on brand-building website and e-commerce development. In 2014, he pivoted Creekbed Digital to focus on building products using machine learning, artificial intelligence, software and data engineering. His efforts have brought digital transformation to small- and medium-sized businesses, even working with a couple Fortune 500 accounts.

His experience and that of his developer network is deep. Altogether, he has assembled a robust team of data, software, and machine learning engineers with a combined experience of 45 years.