Workflow Automation: Operational AI

As we look at multiple FTEs fulfilling roles in your organization, how much of their workload is repetitive? Are they answering the same emails every day or week? Are they downloading data and building reports manually? Is accounts receivable manually reviewing outstanding invoices and sending email reminders?

All of these scenarios could be solved by the strategic application of AI solutions that free FTEs to focus on more intensive and valuable efforts. Even just a small, automated AI agent that compliments a manual workflow can save hundreds of hours annually. Your business will not only realize additional bottom-line revenues, but save on the countless hours of repetitive toil in human-workload paid each month.

Automated Data Harvesting for Strategic Analysis

Like many business owners, you’ve surveyed your competition and are monitoring their movements in how it impacts your business. Now imagine technology that researches, collects, and interprets data from the open Web, performing competitive analysis through automated data collection. With access to an executive dashboard, you can visualize this data, set alerts, and visually-monitor competitor movements.

Example: Your business is a highly-competitive ecommerce retailer. Your competition just updated pricing across one of its retail lines; suddenly your pricing is no longer competitive. Product pricing inside your ERP, Google Shopping ads, ecommerce site, and internal data systems now needs to be adjusted — a process that can take days across multiple teams. Luckily, you have an automated AI agent that was out ahead of it, recognizing and alerting you to the price change, and making strategic recommendations about re-pricing SKUs across your catalog. Now imagine a single “easy” button where you can update all pricing across your platforms in rapid response. Such capability intercepts the competition and puts them back on defense, keeping you ahead by your keen utilization of automated AI technology.

Using AI to Mine Data Insights

Existing data stores spanning years or decades can seem overwhelming. Executives can feel good about their quantity of data, but are they comfortable from the actionable insights they can derive from their data? Is your business using data to its full potential? Are you mining your data to look for patterns, consistencies, or even inconsistencies and gaps?

Creekbed Digital can set your business on a path to success by introducing AI to help extract, transform, and load (ETL) your data. We can help you ingest and sanitize large datasets to glean new information or identify new key opportunities for your company. Companies can sometimes sit on large databases, data warehouses, or data lakes where data is disparate and siloed. Intelligent AI can work for your organization by collecting, interpreting and visualizing the data into a manageable interface driven by data models you can rely on.

NLP: Automated Handling for Business Docs & Emails

How often are your employees handling business documents or emails and responding to requests? How many hours are they spending reading, scanning, and organizing documents — many which are the same over-and-over?

That is where Creekbed Digital is proud to introduce natural language processing (NLP) capability to our arsenal of digitally-transformative solutions. Through NLP you can ingest documentation, scan receipts, read and respond to emails, and even drive chatbots on your website. Source documents can be structured or unstructured and through machine learning, a subfield of AI, we can use NLP to capture text to data for analysis. From there we can derive contextual insights, sentiment, and level of escalation before landing the issue in the hands of customer service.

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